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Luxurious Pet Carrier

Luxurious Pet Carrier

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Get ready to take your pawfect pet places in this luxurious pet carrier. This bag has been designed to take your dog comfortably pretty much anywhere - from vet visits to check-ins at your next destinations. This luxurious product is made of synthetic leather & handles that will keep its shape even after long-term use. It also includes a bonus shoulder strap, and a mesh window with privacy roll-up flap.


  • Esthetic: Made of high quality synthetic fashionable leather. Durable, fade resistant, lightweight, breathable, and removable bottom padded interior that can be taken out for easy cleaning.
  • Travel: Portable and Airline approved. Travel with your pet comfortably anywhere from vet visits to the hottest hotel destinations. Bag can also be folded flat for easy storage. 
  • Comfortability: Mesh window located on side of the bag wide enough for your pet to take in the sights while staying cool. Side zip pocket to easily fit owners cellphone and/or keys. 


  • Size Large: 43x30x23cm (16×12×8 inches) and has a max load of 10-15 pounds.

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